The Conservation of the Mediterranean Island Wetlands project (MedIsWet) is a joined effort of 13 partners across 9 Mediterranean countries: Turkey, Croatia, Malta, Italy, Spain, Tunisia, France, Cyprus and Greece. The MedIsWet project started in 2017 and it is coordinated by WWF Greece. MedIsWet works in four pillars: documentation, dissemination of knowledge, policy and advocacy – national and regional. Aiming to spread our gained knowledge and to achieve a country based and a Pan-Mediterranean island wetland protection, we have developed a database for each country. MedIsWet project is funded by MAVA foundation. More information can be found here.



All 9 national Island wetland databases across the Mediterranean region have the same structure and they are comparable and host – compatible. Here you will find:


Navigation options

The user can navigate in the Island wetlands of Greece database through the:

Only one search by option can be performed per search while multiple filters can be applied simultaneously, as long as there are data that correspond to the selected criteria. The wetlands which correspond to these criteria will be shown on a list and on a map (currently not operational). If a wetland gets selected the user will be transferred to the wetland page where all available inventory data along with a wetland map and images are displayed.


Terms of use & Citation

The content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution CC BY-AS License. The re-distribution of the entire Island wetlands of XX database or large parts of it is not permitted unless by prior written agreement. All wetland data can be free used as long as they are cited. A recommended citation style is provided on each page and on every exported file.